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Discrimination against Asian-Australians is rising but it could be fixed with better representation and policy

Canberra Times
November 2, 2020

Discrimination against Asian-Australians has risen during the coronavirus pandemic and there is concern it will only worsen as the country continues to open back up unless policymakers act soon.


More than eight in 10 Asian Australians report discrimination during coronavirus pandemic

ABC News
November 2, 2020

Playing cricket earlier this year, Anthony was standing at the crease waiting for a bowl when he heard a member of the opposite team repeatedly call out "coronavirus".

"I was trying to concentrate and so I thought it would be better to just ignore him," Anthony, who is of mixed Chinese and English heritage, told the ABC.


New survey sheds light on how the coronavirus crisis has harmed Asian-Australian communities

SBS News
November 2, 2020

A university survey shows the majority of Asian-Australian respondents experienced more discrimination this year than in 2019 and they were more likely to have work hours cut.


Asian-Australians Victims of COVID-Fueled Racism According to Australian Study

November 2, 2020

An Australian survey of more than 3,000 people has found more than 80 percent of Asian Australians have reported racial discrimination during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The research is published as Australia marks the 45th anniversary of its Racial Discrimination Act.


Forgotten Aussies carry brunt of Covid-19 work pain

Yahoo Finance
November 3, 2020

Amid the widespread job losses across Australia, some ethnic groups have actually experienced more of their work hours cut compared to the rest of the population, a new study has found.


Study: Discrimination against Asian-Australians is increasing
November 2, 2020

MORE than four-in-five Asian-Australians have experienced discrimination during the COVID-19 pandemic, a new analysis shows.


Asian-Australians worse off during COVID-19 pandemic

Canberra Weekly
November 2, 2020

More than four in five Asian-Australians experienced discrimination during the COVID-19 pandemic and were more likely to lose work hours and experience anxiety than other groups, according to a new study from The Australian National University (ANU).


The new Chinese Australian entrepreneurs

Enterprise & China Business Practice, KPMG Australia & The University of Sydney Business School (PDF)
September 17, 2020

The purpose of this research is to gain a better understanding of Chinese Australian entrepreneurs:how they operate, what makes them successful, how they view themselves compared with other businesses and the challenges they face.


'First-aid for racism': New workshops to tackle a rise in anti-Asian racism

Luke Michael, PROBono Australia
September 9, 2020

A new series of online workshops is looking to fill a gap in the mental health system by supporting people who experience racism but do not feel their situation is severe enough to see a counsellor or psychologist.


A Second Chance - Getting Asia right for Australia in a post COVID-19 world

Asia Taskforce
July 12, 2020

Post COVID-19 Asia will continue to be at the epicentre of economic development constituting half of the world’s economic output.If we act urgently Australia has a unique chance to capitalise on demand from the world’s largest and fastest growing middle class, particularly for premium, trusted products and services.


Australian audiences are let down by TV networks’ lack of diversity

Wenlai Ma,
August 17, 2020

Channel 9 is the worst offender in a newly released report which reveals the embarrassing chasm between the multicultural make-up of Australians, and the on-air journalists, presenters and commentators featured in local news and current affairs programming.


We asked about racist incidents since COVID-19 started. You offered solutions to the problem

Joanna McCarthy and Erin Handley, ABC
June 28, 2020

Janet says she thought long and hard before speaking out about the racism she'd experienced since the coronavirus pandemic began.

The 65-year-old Australian citizen and semi-retired teacher moved from Malaysia to Australia more than 35 years ago.

"I didn't want to make a fuss about it because I don't want … the rest of Australia to think I'm ungrateful that I've been given this opportunity to live in such a magnificent country."


Australia’s detrimental ‘Bamboo Ceiling’

Andrew Phong - Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue
February 7, 2020

Does Australia’s national identity truly reflect today’s reality? Are we actually as multicultural as we think? Does the international community see the vibrant diversity that our political leaders boast about? Or are we still considered by many to be a predominately ‘white’ Australia?



Asian Australian Alliance and Osmond Chiu, Research Fellow at the Per Capita Thinktank (PDF)
April 1, 2020

Reporting Racism Against Asians in Australia Arising from the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic.


Asian-Australians share their experience of racism during the coronavirus pandemic

Kate Tran and Anh Huynh, as told to Farz Edraki, ABC
July 13, 2020

"I was at a sport store with my boyfriend in Melbourne when it happened." He was at the checkout; I was dawdling through the aisles.

At first, I thought I'd misheard. "Why are they letting Asians here now?"


Australian TV news presenters overwhelmingly white, report finds

Max Walden - ABC
August 17, 2020

In terms of the number of appearances during the survey period, almost 76% of those on Australian screens were found to have an Anglo-Celtic background.

Survey data from 300 television journalists found that 77 per cent of respondents from diverse backgrounds felt having a diverse background was a barrier to career progression.


How this Asian-Australian entrepreneur turned his weakness into his greatest strength

Khunapong Khunaraksa
September 20, 2019

When Khunapong Khunaraksa was born - two months prematurely - his parents endowed him with a Thai name. Its meaning: someone who does good work in society.

Khunapong lived up to his namesake recently when he was awarded the leadership in Community and Advocacy award at the inaugural 40 Under 40: Most Influential Asian-Australian Awards, held in Melbourne.


Most Asian-Australians experience discrimination

September 10, 2019

New research finds that many Asian-Australians experience discrimination in the workplace, which impacts on opportunities to move into senior leadership positions


'No race mixing': the everyday racism so many Asian Australians encounter

The Age / Sydney Morning Herald + syndicated nationally
September 10, 2019

Alice Pung was eight months pregnant with her first child when her car was leafleted outside Bunnings in Port Melbourne. The award-winning author and lawyer assumed it was an advertisement. But what she found was an image of a white girl and black boy hugging with a slash across it and the words: “No race mixing”.


Peter Varghese: the unlikely radical

Australian Financial Review
August 5, 2019

Radical is not the first word that comes to mind when contemplating the career of super bureaucrat turned university chancellor Peter Varghese. Composed, considered and determined, but not radical. Varghese’s measured leadership style is actually what stands him apart, according to those who have worked for him.


Australia’s art institutions don’t reflect our diversity: it’s time to change that

James Arvanitaki in The Conversation
August 26, 2019

For most of us, it is easy to pass judgement on others while finding it difficult to reflect on ourselves.


Lack of Asian Executives Will Dampen Growth Prospects

Financial Review
June 10, 2019

Only six of the biggest 100 companies are run by executives with a non-European background, potentially limiting Australia's ability to capitalise on its proximity to the powerhouse economies of Asia...


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