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News & Updates

How this Asian-Australian entrepreneur turned his weakness into his greatest strength

Khunapong Khunaraksa
September 20, 2019

When Khunapong Khunaraksa was born - two months prematurely - his parents endowed him with a Thai name. Its meaning: someone who does good work in society.

Khunapong lived up to his namesake recently when he was awarded the leadership in Community and Advocacy award at the inaugural 40 Under 40: Most Influential Asian-Australian Awards, held in Melbourne.


Most Asian-Australians experience discrimination

September 10, 2019

New research finds that many Asian-Australians experience discrimination in the workplace, which impacts on opportunities to move into senior leadership positions


'No race mixing': the everyday racism so many Asian Australians encounter

The Age / Sydney Morning Herald + syndicated nationally
September 10, 2019

Alice Pung was eight months pregnant with her first child when her car was leafleted outside Bunnings in Port Melbourne. The award-winning author and lawyer assumed it was an advertisement. But what she found was an image of a white girl and black boy hugging with a slash across it and the words: “No race mixing”.


Peter Varghese: the unlikely radical

Australian Financial Review
August 5, 2019

Radical is not the first word that comes to mind when contemplating the career of super bureaucrat turned university chancellor Peter Varghese. Composed, considered and determined, but not radical. Varghese’s measured leadership style is actually what stands him apart, according to those who have worked for him.


Australia’s art institutions don’t reflect our diversity: it’s time to change that

James Arvanitaki in The Conversation
August 26, 2019

For most of us, it is easy to pass judgement on others while finding it difficult to reflect on ourselves.


Lack of Asian Executives Will Dampen Growth Prospects

Financial Review
June 10, 2019

Only six of the biggest 100 companies are run by executives with a non-European background, potentially limiting Australia's ability to capitalise on its proximity to the powerhouse economies of Asia...


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